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At Attitude Marketing we offer all the online marketing services that a medical / chiropractic clinic needs! From start to finish, from web design to email capture and beyond. We are the leading provider in clinic online presence using SEO, Social Media, Email Follow Up Series and more to keep your clinic on top and growing.

Web Development

Your website is the focal point of your online marketing campaigns, and nowadays can even be considered the focal point of your entire marketing strategy! Having a chiropractic / medical web design that is professional and reflective of your clinic’s personality is absolutely critical.

We offer website assistance from creating a new site to SEO maintenance and blog writing.

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Whether you have a beautiful and well-establish website or are designing abrand new website through us or another company, SEO is how you get sustainable growth to your website traffic.

Depending on your area and demographics we have multiple packages for a variety of SEO support. We offer services with basic SEO optimization for your current content as well as services with new content to raise your SEO even higher.

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Social Media

Everything online is now collaborative through social media. Your online presence is directly effected by your social media presence. It is important to make sure that you take advantage of this!

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Email Campaign

In today’s health-care marketplace, attempting to grow your practice in a successful and efficient way is impossible without a strong focus on regular interaction through email CRM.

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Blog Writing

Having a Blog Writer is a critical part of online marketing. While you may not realize how imperative it is or that your competition may not write blogs it is nonetheless a key factor in your online marketing.

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We offer automated voice messaging with most of our packages free of charge. This includes professionally designed scripts which best describes your services. Voice Blast is another service and outlet that you can use to bring new patients to your clinic.

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