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Best Lead Nuturing

In today’s health-care marketplace, attempting to grow your practice in a successful and efficient way is impossible without a strong focus on regular interaction through email CRM.

Set More Appointments

Automatic Potential Interactions

Increase Patient Referrals

Growth and Success

The new changes in marketing require that you are always maintaining of each prospect through every patient interaction. What makes this even more challenging is accomplishing these things all while prioritizing client contacts and watching your budget and office management.

Maintenance and Ease

With our email marketing campaigns you are able to effectively send timely, targeted emails with multimedia letters which will educate your leads until they’re ready to contact you! You will be able to educate your leeds and contacts about products, coupons, and introductory offers with our CRM Email Suite.


Software Overview

Email Campaigns

All our email campaigns are prebuilt with over 8 months of prescheduled emails, autoresponders, segmentation fro proper nurturing and the ability to send realtime broadcasts for upcoming events and promotions.

Lead Capturing

Capture leads directly from your website without having to transfer from one system to another. Captured leads are automatically tagged with their interested services and our system will automatically notify you via email.

Advanced Nuturing

With our automatic tagging system we are able to understand with potential patient has what characteristics. This allows time to be focused on the services that they are interested in and the most relevant information will be sent to them.

Social Media Integration

All email templates have the ability to directly link your Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Since these are directly tied to your online presence any clicks from emails to your social media will help drive your online marketing. In addition, custom signatures always list your website and phone number!

Monthly Reporting

Our system allows reports built on email open times, behavior of interaction and source of each lead. These prebuilt reports will create a pipeline analysis to give you an understanding of how our email CRM works and benefits you each day!

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