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Whether you have a beautiful and well-establish website or are designing a brand new website through us or another company, SEO is how you get sustainable growth to your website traffic.

SEO for your Chiropractic / Medical Website

Depending on your area and demographics we have multiple packages for a variety of SEO support. We offer services with basic SEO optimization for your current content as well as services with new content to raise your SEO even higher.

So what exactly is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

It is how your website’s “back-end” coding communicates to search engines such as Google. It is important that at the very start and foundation of your website to keep SEO in mind at when you purchase a website through us we do.

Every single page needs to be organized and coded on the “back-end” to promote each individual service your clinic offers. So if your clinic offers Back Pain, Pain Management, Shoulder Pain, etc… each individual page needs to be properly set through SEO protocols to bring traffic. That way anyone who is searching for Back Pain will pull up your website on their search.
With Attitude Marketing we don’t just throw your website to the wind and hope that you get traffic, we specifically organize the SEO to pull in people within your targeted zip-codes. This does a few things: first it lowers your traffic, this is great because you are not getting wasted traffic from another state or even country, two it raises your quality of leads because you know the majority of your traffic will be genuinely near you and interested.
Because Google, like everything else on the internet, is always changing and adjusting their algorithms it is important to have a monthly SEOspecialist. That way every few months when Google completely redoes how it searches you are on the cutting edge to ensure that you are not getting lost in the search.
Not only do your pages need to be keyworded, but your videos and blogs need to be as well. This means that if someone searches “Tips for a bad back” and you have a video associated with that you will gain traffic to that video and that page.

comptrackerSM3Another part of SEO heavily weighs on how often your website is updated. Google isn’t going to introduce your website to new people if your site isn’t even alive! Post articles, blogs and pictures are incredibly important to keeping your SEO score high, we also offer these services.

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