Social Media Services for Medical & Healthcare USA

Social Media

Everything online is now collaborative through social media. Your online presence is directly effected by your social media presence. It is important to make sure that you take advantage of this!

Use Social Media For Referrals

At Attitude Marketing we are experts in social media. We will schedule out weeks in advanced posts for your clinic’s chiropractic office. This allows your reach to grow dramatically!

Numbers also show that those leads who visit your website are much more likely to stay!

So don’t miss out!

What does our Social Media services include?

Scheduled Posts

  • Twice Weekly
  • Once Daily
  • Twice Daily

Our Social Media experts will schedule out posts in advance. Based on your chosen package we schedule posts from twice a week to twice a day. This means that your Facebook or Twitter page will be driving much more interest!

Realtime Monitoring

We constantly monitor the results of your clinic’s social media. This lets us adjust posts in realtime to capitalize the best and most popular post style for your clinic.

Monthly Reports

Every month our team puts together a monthly report. Our custom report sheets are easy to read and contain only the important data. Each statistic also has a short description. With our reports you see only the information you need and can easily understand it.

Some background about Facebook and Twitter

Most people don’t realize that the internet now is not the internet as it started. Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and other social media actually evolved the internet into a completely new breed of algorithms. Look at any professional website, everything from pages to blogs and more can be shared, tweeted, emailed or shared any other way. Facebook was one of the main changing points of the internet and still demands attention by anyone who is trying to capitalize on internet traffic. With Attitude Marketing we do Full Service Facebook Marketing.

Twitter is a different world than Facebook. Everything done in Twitter is done with the marketing mindset, whereas Facebook is meant as a friend-to-friend outlet. We follow multiple “successful” Twitter feeds that have similar goals as your clinic to see how they use it and are constantly building upon our Twitter campaigns. If you have never done Twitter before it does take time to build your network just as with Facebook, but it is absolutely worth it to reach a whole new audience.
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