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Why To Use Twitter

Posted by on May 18, 2016 in Articles, Blog

Why To Use Twitter

Why do some people use Android phones and some people use iPhones? You could go into huge debates about this subject, but it really boils down to preference. Why do some people use Twitter more than Facebook? Same reason, it all boils down to preference.

The main reason to use Twitter is so that you don’t isolate the people who use Twitter over Facebook. The majority of what Twitter does is a retool of what Facebook does:

  • Branding
  • SEO
  • Connecting
  • Communication

So rather than going over what we’ve already covered over Facebook, we’re going to go into what Twitter does differently.

Hashtags rule the net. I’m sure you’ve seen commercials and tv shows that post #topicname, these are hashtags. They’re a way to track how popular a topic is. Now from a realistic stand-point, you’re not likely to create the next huge trending topic but you can use the existing ones to your advantage. Did you know that every Monday one of the trending topics is #MotivationMonday? Writing a motivational post once or twice a Monday with that tag will grab several new viewers alone! Now think of how many you can get by actually using them consistently? #retweet

Followers are your dollars. Well not literally, but followers are the popularity game of Twitter. It’s a more disconnected version of Facebook friends, but way easier to manage. Anyone can follow you, they don’t have to be in your circle, know you or even heard your name; they can just follow you! This is fantastic from a business perspective. With the goal on Twitter to get as many views as you can, the more followers you gain the more you’ll find your posts shared (retweeted). #followme

Linking to Facebook. Personally, I’ve started using Twitter over Facebook. I’m not suggesting that you do, just suggesting that you link your Twitter and Facebook account. Because I’ve got the two linked, whenever I post on Twitter it will automatically mirror the post, picture or video on my Facebook without having to manage multiple social media accounts. Be careful though! Unfortunately you can not link a Twitter with a Facebook business page, so you can only link it with your personal page #firstworldproblems

Cresting the hill. The first 100 followers are the toughest to get on Twitter. Its advised to ask all your current patients to follow your Twitter, and link it a few times on Facebook. Also the starting mentality is to follow back anyone who has shared interests with you early so that people see that you follow back, which makes them follow you even more. And don’t be afraid to use the hashtag directly related to this: #followback

Global conversations. On Facebook, messages are private. On Twitter, if someone comments to you it is on the Twitter feed and not hidden. So if you start having a conversation through tweeting and commenting everyone can see this. This is great from a business stand-point! This means that when you talk about a condition you are knowledgeable everyone can view and see this! Free PR, plus anyone can share each individual comment… they are still Tweets!

Broadcast little victories. Again, Twitter is all about the now! Use that, whenever you have a great day or have a huge clinic cleaning post some pictures! This humanizes and builds your brand, people love this. You’re also able to post any time hours change or you have special events, dinners or meetings.

Twitter is a different world than Facebook. Everything done in Twitter is done with the marketing mindset whereas Facebook is meant as a friend-to-friend outlet. We suggest that you follow some “successful” Twitter feeds that have similar goals as your clinic to see how they use it and what they do. It takes a little longer for Twitter to mentally “click” than Facebook is you’re not geared toward marketing. But its worth it!



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